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Sarah Richardson Finds Weston iPad Case

Weston iPad Case

Add a little organic flourish to your technology and tote your iPad about town in Weston’s natural agate print case.  Available in a variety of different stones, it will be easy to tell your gadget from everyone else’s! 

Retail: $100
Sarah Richardson Finds Matthew Studios Table

Matthew Studios Table

Set like a necklace to expose the raw edge, the Quinn table by Matthew Studios is a unique way to showcase the beauty of natural Agate.  The designer worked at a Gem-Stone shop as a teen and developed an appreciation for the mystical properties of gemstones.  Each table is finished in hand-rubbed Antique Brass but since each piece is made to order, you can inquire about different finishes or stones 

Retail: Pricing available upon request
Sarah Richardson Finds Jan Kath Carpet

Jan Kath Carpet

Dubbed ‘jewellery for floors’ by its designer Jan Kath, each rug in the Sliced Collection is inspired by a cross-section of a semi-precious and precious stone.   The collection includes emerald, hematite, agate and quartz (pictured here). 

Retail: Call for pricing
Sarah Richardson Find Hillary Thomas Finial

Hillary Thomas Finial

Who says a lamp finial needs to be discrete or boring?  Hillary Thomas’ Precious Collection proves a small stone can make a big impact.  The Rebel Yell is made of natural purple agate, making each piece one of a kind. 

Retail: $65 each
Sarah Richardson Finds Rablabs Coasters

Rablabs Coasters

These agate coasters are sure to impress guests at your next dinner party!  Designer Anna Rabinowicz uses semi-precious stones to create a collection of unexpected pieces including bowls, trays and these Pedra Coasters, named after the Portuguese word for ‘Rock’.  Each coaster is hand-polished in Brazil and assembled in the US. 

Retail: $68 for a set of 4