A Recipe for Results

Helpful tips for choosing appliances to suit your lifestyle and budget

by Sarah Richardson,

Webisode Kitchen - Lowe's Renovation

Country living kitchen

Webisode Kitchen Before - Sarah Richardson Lowe's Renovation

BEFORE: Before photos of the kitchen

Webisode Kitchen After - Sarah Richardson and Lowe's Renovation

AFTER: After photos of the kitchen

Episode 4

There are many important decisions to be made when your kitchen is getting a facelift. Your appliances are the workhorses of the room, but don't assume that all refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers are created equal. With many options to choose from, you'll be able to find the ones that fit your lifestyle, cooking habits, and budget perfectly. So be sure to do your homework and pick the appliances that offer all the options you need to make every meal at home a gourmet feast!

A Range of Choices

Great style and good prices aren't always mutually exclusive. Even a 30" range can offer professional styling features - 5 burners, power elements and sleek steel knobs are all available in an everyday sized model. You can get top notch performance and all the features you want in the snack bracket you can afford.

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LG 5.4CF Range - Item #255497

Lowe's makeover - LG Fridge


If sleek styling is your mandate, be sure to consider a counter depth refrigerator. A counter depth model is designed to tie in seamlessly with your standard depth lower cabinets so the refrigerator doesn't protrude too far out into the circulation space of the kitchen (and saves up to 5" in depth). And when it comes to choices, you can forgo the standard side-by-side model and explore your options - with double french doors, an in-door dispensing system, and double freezer drawers, you'll be able to keep your food fresh - and easy to access!

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LG Counter Depth Fridge - Item #406113

The Backsplash

Think of your backsplash as a place to make your very own signature design statement. You may not have money in your budget to use decorative marble all over your floor, but a backsplash is only 1.5 feet tall in most areas, so you won't need too much square footage. Look for materials and colours that incorporate the palette of your overall kitchen scheme and your backsplash will act as a unifying element to tie it all together. This kitchen features grey lower cabinets and creamy white upper cabinets, and this swirled marble mosaic blends both beautifully.

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Terra Verre Silver Lining 2"x4" Tile Backsplash - Item #303254


Integrating a microwave into your kitchen layout is often an afterthought since many people don't consider it a major appliance. If you don't want to end up with the microwave sitting on your counter, why not plan to tuck it in under the counter in an out of the way, but easy-to-access spot? With room to spare, you can add a large drawer beneath the microwave which comes in handy for stashing re-usable food containers, baking accessories, or even recycling.