A small space with a BIG IMPACT

Making a great first impression starts at the front door

by Sarah Richardson,

Webisode Mudroom - Lowe's Renovation

AFTER: After photos of the mudroom 

Webisode Mudroom - Lowe's Renovation

BEFORE: Before photos of the mudroom

Episode 5

No matter what size your entry or mudroom, it's important to create an area that swallows up the overflow of the in and out traffic with durable materials and savvy storage solutions. You don't need to install costly custom cabinetry to conquer the clutter, but you do need to put on your DIY thinking cap and tackle the mudroom in a way that makes the most out of a small space. With a built-in bench, a panelled back wall with open shelves, solid wood closet doors, and a decorative patterned stone floor, you can make sure your entry statement is "wow"!

Welcome Home!

The entry to your house may need to be outfitted in durable materials that stand up to the wear and tear of daily family life, but that doesn't mean the palette needs to be dark. Paint colours with a scrubbable finish allow you to wipe away the fingerprints and keep the space feeling light, bright and airy.

Wall Art

There's always a place for a little piece of art, so don't overlook the entrance. Since the entrance is generally a "standing room only" zone, take advantage of the opportunity to get up close and select pieces of art that are too detail oriented to be seen in other areas of the house.

Storage Solutions

If you introduce open concept storage solutions just inside the door, it's easy for every member of the family to help minimize the mess. A wall of hooks hung at various heights to accommodate all agest will help keep coats off the floor (and in their proper place). Instead of letting the area above the hooks be wasted space, why not install a couple of open shelves that can hold baskets for all manner of frequently used items (friom hats and mitts to sports supplies and dog-walking paraphernalia), you will be glad to have a designated spot for all those little items that pile up at the door.


When shopping for hooks, look for a style that has a rounded end so it won't leave a mark if you hang one jacket on top of another (or if you're trying to dry out soggy gear on a wet weather day). Make sure you select a two prong hook to take advantage of double the hanging capacity.

Want the Look?

Faber Stone & Tile 18"x18" Walnut Travertine - Item #148806

Bench Benefits

A simple built-in bench made from standard pine lumber provides a practical perch just inside the door for tying or untying shoes, but it's also handy to help control clutter as boots and shoes can be tucked underneath and out of the way (so there's no need to trip over shoes at the door).


The key to a well-presented entrance relies on well-chosen materials. Since in and out traffic is inevitable, why not select flooring materials that are easy to maintain. Tumbled and honed travertine marble is never slippery, and always forgiving (after all, it's the colour of dirt).

Want the look?

Faber Stone & Tile - 18" x 18" Walnut Travertine - tem #148806


Standard height 8' tall ceilings don't forbid you from incorporating a decorative light fixture. A balloon glass shade with a stylish "Edison" filament bulb adds a touch of polish and panache to your main entry area.

Want the look?

Allen + Roth - 12" Bronze Pendant Light with Clear Shade - Item #198671

Decorative Finds

Keep your eyes peeled for good ideas in every aisle of the store. A decorative "fan" bracket from the lumber aisle is intended for outdoor use, but looks great when painted white and used as a decorative shelf support. Double up your storage options by installing two shelves instead of won't regret it when the kids come home from school with armloads of stuff and overflowing backpacks!