fbpx Sophie's Room

Sophie's Room

Photography by Tiffany Piotrowski

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

Sweet as pie and pretty in pink, Sophie’s room is a charming lady-like oasis inspired by nature’s best assets. Layered in feminine floral and avian motifs, this room mixes vintage valuables with sweet surprises for a space well suited for a darling little girl.
Sophie's Bed with patterned pink comforter and Pillows

My daughter Sophie is an artist in the making. She’s all about self-expression and insists on dressing herself every day for school! A natural born fashionista, Sophie is always game for playing dress up. I wanted to create a space for her that was colourful and feminine with a serene undertone so that my little girl could feel free to be her best self.

Nature Curtains

Bring the Outside In

One of the best features in Sophie’s room is the window that overlooks a massive evergreen tree that’s home to lots of singing Finch birds in the warmer months. I chose to bring the outside in and created a reoccurring avian theme. I found this gorgeous, brightly hued bird fabric from Designer Fabrics Online that I used as the jumping off point for the rest of the room. The pinks, reds and greens featured in the fabric can be seen in high doses throughout the bedroom in the bed linens, artwork and paper lanterns. The white porcelain doves and framed watercolour vista offer a continuation of nature's influence.

Breathe Life Into Old Treasures

Make it meaningful by incorporating hand-me-downs and family heirlooms into your décor. The antique hand mirror and hairbrush were given to me from my Aunt Madeleine and the old fairytale books were mine as a kid. I couldn’t wait to pass down these treasures to Sophie.

Design for the Ages

If you want your decorating to go the distance, always furnish a room with timeless vintage pieces that are appreciated for their classic beauty and won't go out of style. I made a conscious decision not to buy any major furnishings for her bedroom that are childish; everything in this room is appropriate for a 5 or 15 year old.

White Dresser Image
Bed with Stickers

Style With Stickers

I wasn't keen on the stickers that Sophie insisted be used to adorn her headboard at first, but I grew to love them because it meant that Sophie was expressing her style and making her mark. They add a touch of whimsy to the space and now every time I look at them I smile! My best tip for living with little decorators is to provide them with vinyl adhesive stickers so that they peel off easily and don't leave a sticky residue on valuable furnishings.


Go Big With Pattern

When it comes to pattern, I'm of the belief that more is more! In keeping with the schematic for the room, I chose a sheet set featuring bold floral medallions, a custom red accent pillow with cherry blossom detail, a daisy-inspired pattern fabric for the step stool, and found a vintage floral patchwork quilt with charming bunting banner trim. As long as your colours are complementary (the easiest way to do this is by choosing shades within the same colour family), there becomes little room for error when layering patterns.

Paper Lanterns
Bed with Dog

Double Up

Sophie’s room is small, but I didn’t let that stop me from putting a double bed in the room. I wanted to give my daughter a big bed so that she could enjoy sleepovers and so that I could sleep with her on those nights when she needs her mom.  Don’t be afraid to add a big bed to a small room; it becomes the room’s focal point, and is easier to make work as the main attraction than trying to make the room feel bigger.

Embrace Open Storage

I'm a huge proponent for open storage bins. They provide quick access for playtime and make cleanup a breeze! Kids will quickly learn how to organize their playthings if they can see the logic behind the bins. Open storage doesn't have to be unsightly! Keep your eye out for streamlined fabric bins or baskets in pretty solids or poppy patterns for a look that complements your space.

Go Cheap and Cheerful

I adore paper lanterns! In lieu of a pendant light, I wanted something cheap and cheerful that would provide the same impact. I went to China Town and purchased five lanterns for under $20 and hung them with ribbon. Sophie's room is front facing, so every time I pull in the driveway I am treated with a festive view of the clustered lanterns peeking through the curtains. This makes a great DIY project for a Saturday afternoon!


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