fbpx No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Good House Keeping Pumpkin Decor
Ok, we cheated. This is the only pumpkin design that requires a little bit of carving and de-pulping, but it was so beautiful and festive we just couldn’t resist including it in our pumpkin roundup.  Photographed by Raymond Hom and styled by Jodi Levine, this flower centerpiece is featured on the cover of Good Housekeeping’s October issue. Gold tacks and flowers in gorgeous fall shades transform this pumpkin into a “wow” centerpiece! Click here to see more craft ideas and DIY projects from Good Housekeeping.
Donut Disguise | mini pumpkins painted to look like delectable donuts

Donut Disguise

We just can't help but love these mini pumpkins painted to look like delectable donuts!

Studio DIY

Confetti Surprise | colourful pins on the pumpkin

Confetti Surprise

Push pins come in so many different colours, shapes and sizes which makes the materials for this project easy to source and a breeze to put together!

Lauren Conrad via Brit + Co

Sequined Sensation | sequins glued to a pumpkin in polka dot formation

Sequined Sensation

Polka dots are hard to resist - but when sequins are glued to a pumpkin in polka dot formation, this cheerful design soars to the next level!

Sugar & Cloth

Geometric Gourds | metallic gold marker on a few mini white pumpkins

Geometric Gourds

Pick up a metallic gold marker and a few mini white pumpkins and you've got everything you need to create these gorgeous geometric gourds!

Lovely Indeed

 The Milky Way | "milk-glass" white pumpkin

The Milky Way

Not a fan of Halloween's signature black and orange hues? Try spray painting your pumpkin "milk-glass" white for a crisp, go-with-all look and feel.

Sweet C's Designs

Glitter & Gold | a dazzling pumpkin

Glitter & Gold

There's nothing quite like a little Mod Podge and glitter to turn your pumpkin into a dazzling sensation!

Yesterday's Sweetheart

Chalkboard Charm | A chalkboard-painted pumpkin

Chalkboard Charm 

A chalkboard-painted pumpkin pulls double-duty as a festive decoration and dinner menu for a fabulous fall feast! 

Better Recipes

Sharpie Showstopper | white acrylic painted pumpkin

Sharpie Showstopper

Draw or doodle to your heart's content on a pumpkin primed with white acrylic paint. We think this design is a hoot! 

Lil Blue Boo

Decoupage Of Curiosities | Pumpkin with black and white images from Pictorial Webster's Dictionary

Decoupage Of Curiosities

Black and white images from Pictorial Webster's Dictionary served as inspiration for this decoupage stunner. Copy and cut out your fave images and glue them to a funkin for a festive and reusable decoration.   

Country Living

Doily Darling | pumpkins with lace-like accents

Doily Darling

Leverage the intricate patterns of paper doilies to create whimsically decorated pumpkins with lace-like accents! 

17 Apart