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Wall Wonders

Posted on Jan 7, 2015

Wall Metal Clip Board

1. Metal Trellis

Salvage a metal trellis or an old piece of fencing and mount it to the wall above your desk to create an organizational grid or minimalist inspiration board.

(photo source: Jelanie)

2. Branch Rail

Spray paint a sturdy tree branch gold and let both ends rest on the brackets supporting the shelf above your desk to create a rustic rail for hanging various office supplies.

(photo source: Fjeldborg)

Branch Rail
Clipboard Grid

 3. Clipboard Grid

Arrange and mount a series of clipboards to an office wall for a quick and convenient space to clip notes and photos in an artistic way.

(photo source: Pinterest)

4. Hanging Basket

Free up space on your desk by nailing a small basket to the wall and fill it with pens, Post-its and other quick-grab items you need access to.

(photo source: Nordic Days)

4. Hanging Basket
5. Peg Board

5. Peg Board

Purchase a trusty peg board from your local hardware store and hang it on the wall in your office or craft room to create a fully customizable organizational system for all those things you need at your fingertips.  

(photo source: A Beautiful Mess)

6. Chalkboard Calendar

Make a wall calendar out of mini chalkboards so you can jot down important dates and reminders endlessly – day to day, month to month, year to year!

(photo source: Ultralinx)

6. Chalkboard Calendar