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Posted on Aug 21, 2015

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Sunny yellow and white country kitchen


To me, a farmhouse sink is the marking of a well-loved cottage kitchen. It’s the only sink large enough to hold the heaping pile of dirty dishes left after a big meal shared with family and friends. Windows that stretch across the width of the marble counter top let the breeze float in to refresh and remind us of life’s simple summertime pleasures. And what could be more infectious than a kitchen boasting sunny yellow and happy orange hues? The quintessential colours of summer! (photo: This Old House)

<< Bright Idea

Keep your sink area looking light and clutter-free by installing a clear glass towel bar. Your towels will appear as though they’re floating in air – a great way to showcase your favourite tea towels!


Summer nights spent at the cottage are like slumber parties we never grow tired of! Just the sight of these sweet twin beds takes me back to the days of sharing a room with my sisters at the cottage over long summer weekends. The calming sky blue colour palette and scalloped bed linens make me feel light and playful – just the way I used to feel when lying in the grass, staring up and picking shapes out of the clouds. (photo: Boxwood Interiors via Design Chic)

Cottage DIY >>

Update a vintage nightstand by painting vertical tent stripes down the front of each drawer. Use masking tape to section off your stripes at the desired widths and roll two coats of ‘flat’ indoor acrylic paint onto the surface. To achieve a soft monochromatic effect, choose a paint colour that matches the predominant colour featured in your space. Get the look with "Mystical Blue", a pale blue hue by Benjamin Moore (colour 792).

Blue and White Bedroom with Double Beds, Blue striped nightstand.
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Living room with view to outdoors


This picturesque lounge area screams summer to me! I love the hinged doors that function like a folding privacy screen – except with unhindered views of the outdoors. The room becomes one with nature as its earthy colours blend with the neutral tones of the interior furnishings, save for a few pops of vibrant colour. Rustic side tables give the space a carefree vibe, while the contemporary sofa, chair and fluted coffee table keep the space looking spacious, clean and modern. (photo: House & Home)

<< Picture This

If you’ve got a lofty space with inspiring views of the outdoors, turn your vista into a work of art by painting the inside window casing black. The effect is a framed window that resembles artwork on a gallery wall.


Summer sunlight, crisp white cabinetry and natural wood accents; this is the makeup of my ideal cottage kitchen. I love the freshness of the white cabinets in contrast with the restored barn wood beams, farm-style table and butcher-block countertops. No fancy gadgets, just casual elegance. The rustic, well-loved table is the perfect spot for a family to gather around and enjoy fun activities – like baking brownies! What makes this room feel especially summery to me, is the window views of the lush greenery. I remember fondly running in the grass at my cottage as a kid, my parents and grandparents working away in the kitchen and every so often they’d glance up and out the window to see what I was up to. (photo: Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design via Lonny)

Expose It >>

Opt for low maintenance, casual comfort with rustic kitchen furnishings and accessories. Terracotta plantersbutcher-block countertops and a salvaged wood kitchen island will capture that cottage-casual summer look you crave.

White country kitchen with barn wood accents
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Coastal living room with rattan chairs and seaglass blue accents


This is the room version of a beach. It draws its palette from the sand, water and sky. The rattan furniture references drift wood and the blue vases beside the mantel remind me of beach glass washed ashore. Decorative elements like the starfish and piece of coral under the glass dome further the coastal, summer vibe of this room. (photo: Queensland Homes)


This room speaks of sailing the sea on a hot summer day. Nautical nods like the classic blue and white colour palette and the globe pendant suspended from the pulley system - similar to pulleys used to rig up ship sails - reference this theme in a sophisticated way. Wood paneled walls feel rustic and ship-like. The use of fresh potted herbs as a table centerpiece instead of flowers, give the table a multi-sensory freshness. Together, these elements create the look, taste and smell of summer. (photo: Ralph Lauren via Pinterest)

Reference And Repeat>>

When decorating a room with a specific theme in mind, always reference authentic and iconic paraphernalia and find unique ways to repeat it within your space. For a noticeably nautical look, marine lightsropeoars and unique pieces of ship salvage can be used in your design to achieve that unmistakable seafaring style.  

Nautical Dining Room