fbpx O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Thou tree most fair and lovely! From twinkling lights to beautiful baubles, here are 14 decorations to spruce up your Christmas tree.

CANVAS Iridescent Glass Ball Ornaments

Sarah's pick:

There’s always something new and glittery to catch your eye every season, and adding trendy new decorations to your collection can be fun, but for over 15 years we’ve had lustrous clear glass balls as part of our tree. They are so simple and delicate yet they help create the illusion of magic as they appear to be like bubbles floating in the tree. Sometimes less is more (well, usually less is more in my view). 

Buy: $8.49 (set of 6), Canadian Tire

pi'lo carved wooden bell

Natalie's pick:

Over the years, I’ve collected some great handmade items for the tree from pi’lo. This year, I am loving their carved wooden bells!

Buy: $12, pi'lo

The Pietersma Tinworks Handmade Tin Icicles Ornaments

Jennifer's pick:

I love the look of a tinsel-trimmed tree - it's so shiny and catches the light just right. But when it's time to take down the tree, there's nothing worse than trying to neatly pack up the strands of tinsel. It's a staticky mess! Some people just throw it out because it's inexpensive, but that seems like a waste to me. My solution is Pietersma Tinworks. Their handmade tin icicles ornaments have the sparkle and the artisanal quality you need to achieve timeless holiday style, and tree trimming (and packing) becomes a breeze year after year.

Buy: $14.95 (set of 50), Pietersma Tinsworks

Ketchup Ornament

Tommy's pick:

Last year my pal Chef Lynn Crawford bought me a ketchup ornament while we were shooting on location in Pittsburgh with Marilyn Denis. I love ketchup, I love Christmas, I love Lynn, I love Pittsburgh and I love Marilyn…so this ornament represents a lotta love at the Holidays.

Buy: $9, Drake General Store

Oreo Candy Canes

CeCe's pick:

Every year I colour coordinate my tree to include matching candy canes. This 12-pack of Oreo flavoured candy canes will provide awesome colour contrast for my tree this year and make for fun grab and eat treats for the kids and guests!

Buy: $6.99, Amazon

Michaels Rope Ornaments

Kelsey's pick:

These knot ornaments are my favourite! They add just the right amount of texture in a sea of sparkly glass ornaments. Anything neutral or natural is always a go-to for me!

Buy: Michaels Canada

Felt Letter Ornaments

Lindsey's pick:

We put up our first Christmas tree a few years ago when we bought our new home. We had never had a tree before and had no ornaments. I love the warmth and playfulness of felt ornaments. I think they strike a nice balance with the glass ball ornaments and add an element of Hygge to the tree! Since then, we've started a collection and add a few new felt ornaments to the tree every year. This year I'm hoping to personalized the tree even more and add a letter for each member of our family.

Buy: $4, West Elm

Pottery Barn Snowflake Glass Ball Ornament

Ashley's pick:

This pretty snowflake glass ornament is perfect for any style of Christmas tree!

Buy: $14, Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Etched Glass Mercury Ornament

Laura's pick:

These are really lovely! We recently used them at a client holiday install and I had to pick up a few for myself. They have a nice weight and look great as a collection in a bowl or scattered throughout the tree.

Buy: Pottery Barn

Restoration Hardware String Lights

Kate's pick:

This year I have decided that I love a real tree with just white lights…..and nothing else! I am using a combo of the classic white tree lights with a few of these fun oversized strands mixed in. It also makes taking the tree down on Boxing Day before we head south to the sun waaaaaay easier.

Buy: $35 - $75, Restoration Hardware

New York City Apple Ornament

Shannon's pick:

Jon and I went to NYC in November, it was such an amazing trip! Found the cutest Christmas store in Times Square and we wanted to make sure we found something that we would remember for years to come. A classic hand painted glass NYC Apple ornament I’m sure will do the trick! And it’s extra special because it’s our first Christmas together in our new home! 

Buy: NYC webstore

Olive & Cocoa Twenty Nordic Icicle Ornaments

Tiffany's pick:

Growing up, our tree wasn't complete until it was dripping with icicle ornaments, which ALWAYS went on last. They add so much sparkle!

Buy: $64 (set of 20), Olive & Cocoa

CANVAS Gold Glass Drop Ornament

Allison's pick:

I love any ornament that gives a little reflection, it helps bring a tree to life. These tear drop ornaments give the perfect amount of reflection without being over the top bling bling!

Buy: $9.99, Canadian Tire

Pottery Barn Mini LED String Lights

Rachael's pick:

LED string lights are my latest obsession for holiday decorating. Easily concealed and simple to assemble, these lights add the perfect glow and touch of romance to any tree, garland or wreath. 

Buy: $14 - $84, Pottery Barn