fbpx Family Style Dining

Family Style Dining

Photography by Stacey Brandford

Posted on May 24, 2012

Table with hutch in background

Add A Youthful Energy

Try painting the woodwork in a light, silvery tone, then turning colour theory upside down by going darker in the space above the plate rail. Expand the view by highlighting window frames and recessed door panels with black paint to pull the sightlines through the space. 


Inject Some Spirit

Instead of playing it safe and serious, go for energetic, lighthearted drapery fabric. Here, embroidered street scenes of line-drawn people have an urban graffiti-style edge that appeals to the younger set and is well suited to a room that’s supposed to encourage frivolity. 

Table with hutch in background

Take A Break From Brown

In this room, repainting wood chairs and a sideboard in glossy black injects tension into the space, provides a contrast to the light walls and table and ties in the painted details on the windows and doors. Crisp black and white always looks right! 


Be Practical And Stylish

If your mandate is family-friendly dining, try by introducing surfaces that will withstand the wear and tear of the under-5 set. To this end, a vintage laminate table with a simple Parsons design offers durable as well as authentic style at the bargain price of $250. 

Chair Fabric Close up

Play Multiple Choice

Instead of committing to a single colour for upholstery, try taking a multihued approach to your dining chairs. Upholstering a set of eight in four bold colours results in a snappy, mix and match look you’ll never tire of. 

Handle Close up

Don't Forget The Details

Matching the hardware on furniture such as sideboards with the finish on lamps and light fixtures easily and cost-effectively. Instead of buying new pulls and knobs, the originals on this piece were replated for about $10 each

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