fbpx Jude's Room

Jude's Room

Photography by Tiffany Piotrowski

Posted on Mar 5, 2015

Sporty, playful and stylishly undone, Jude’s bedroom corrals all the elements of kid-cozy living with a preppy outlook on decorating that will take this funny little man beyond boyhood.
Jude's Room

The Undecorated Room

When decorating a space for a young boy, there’s a fine line between 'styling' and 'decorating' a room. Jude didn't want his bedroom to look decorated. He wanted a room to call his own – fun and unfussy, so I set out to achieve a look for my son’s bedroom that was playful and cozy, yet quietly sophisticated so that he could grow into his bedroom instead of outgrow it.

Jude's Room dot bed sheet and pillow
Jude's Room nightstand with decorations
Jude's Room poster on the wall

Inspire Adventure

The inspiration for Jude’s bedroom came from the two framed Tintin book cover posters that once hung in my husband’s bachelor apartment. A proud French Canadian, my husband Chris Binney was a big fan of The Adventures of Tintin growing up. I too am inspired by Hergé’s classic cartoon for the sense of curiosity and adventure they convey, so I hung them in Jude’s room and borrowed the gorgeous primary colours featured in these posters as the overall colour scheme for this space.

Jude’s fascinated with geography, so what better way to inspire adventure than by gazing at an oversized map of the world! I once installed a full wall world map for a client, but I opted to get the look for less and purchased a large map from National Geographic that I simply tacked up with thumbtacks. 

The framed Ferris wheel photograph above Jude’s nightstand is a Sarah Richardson original. The colours in the photo coordinated perfectly with the room, and I simply adore the childhood fantasies that the image conjures up. 

Connect the Dots

When sourcing fabrics and bed linens, I had my mind set on polka dots as the room’s hero pattern. Most fabric designs for kids are juvenile, but polka dots transcend age-appropriate politics and are a happy, versatile motif that can be featured in both casual and formal settings.

Inspire Adventure: Bed and nightstand with lights and decorations
Jude's Room sideboard and bookshelf
Jude's Room book with decorations
Jude's Room slipper
Make It Meaningful: Chair with global map

Make it Meaningful

Bedrooms should be a reflection of character. Furnish it with a few pieces that are true to your personality, or that remind you of the people and places you love. Jude's dresser once belonged to my husband's grandfather, Reginald. I left it banged up, knobs falling off and all. To me, the imperfect patina is a reflection of boyhood; playful and a little rough around the edges. I adore the juxtaposition between the colourful preppy fabrics in the room and the beat up wood; it means this dresser served its purpose for several generations, and I love that.

A name proudly emblazoned on a decorative accessory can become a strong focal point in a room. This quilt draped on the back of the Oliver Chair was a handmade gift for Jude when he was born from our dear family friend, Leanne. Coupled with the polka dot accent pillow and set against the oat coloured fabric, this quilt provides just the right amount of colour to perk up the room.

Pull Up a Chair

Get the most out of a small space by adding a comfortable chair. You'd be surprised how much additional utility it brings to a bedroom. Jude has a twin bed and this chair expands his living space by offering an extra spot to read, sit back and relax. I chose the Oliver Chair - a piece from the Sarah Richardson custom furniture collection, and uphosltered it in a durable cotton twill fabric. The Carlu Ottoman - also from Sarah's collection, has proven extra handy many times doubling as a step stool. 

Jude's Room sideboard with decorations and painting
Jude's Room with books and dog sculpture

Cool and Collected

Above all, I wanted my son to have a space where he felt comfortable to express himself and just be a boy. Jude – like most kids, can’t live without his little trinkets, toys and collectables. His bullseye and sling-shot from camp target practice and his many books on freaky facts and weird science are keen reminders of the wonderful character children bring wherever they go. I believe it's possible to marry great style with childhood collectables in a way you can both live with!

Jude's Sling-shot

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