fbpx Langdon Hall: The Bar

Langdon Hall: The Bar

Photography by Valerie Wilcox

Posted on Jan 5, 2021

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Watch the reveal of the Bar!

Langdon Hall - The Bar
Langdon Hall Wilks Bar - Before
Langdon Hall Wilks Bar - After
Langdon Hall - The Bar
Langdon Hall - The Bar

7 Top Takeaway Tips: The Bar

1. Small design changes can have a BIG impact.

2. Be bold with wall paint. Sometimes the safest choice is not always the best choice!

3. When looking for colour inspiration, dive into the dynamic colour combinations of patterns featured in a rug or eye-catching fabric.

4. A simple light fixture swap for something contemporary, yet historically inspired can make a huge difference!

5. If you have a piece of furniture that feels outdated, get out a paint brush and give it a couple coats of your favourite transformative colour!

6. Give old paintings and portraits a new lease on life by repurposing and presenting them in a different space.

7. Keep your mantel interesting by displaying accessories asymmetrically.

Langdon Hall - The Bar

Get The Look

Benjamin Moore Paint, Mustard Field 377

Benjamin Moore: wall paint

Mustard Field 377

Benjamin Moore Paint, New York State of Mind 805

Benjamin Moore: table leg paint

New York State of Mind 805

Sarah Richardson for Palliser - Boulevard Medium Salon Table

Sarah Richardson for Palliser: round table

Boulevard Medium Salon Table

Regina Andrew Perennial Lantern

Regina Andrew: pendant

Perennial Lantern

CB2 Trill Round Wood Side Table

CB2: table

Trill Round Wood Side Table

Kravet Lee Jofa Pardah Print - Persian

Kravet: accent pillow fabric

Pardah Print, Persian (SKU: 919301.LJ.0)

Kravet Delphini Fabric, Red Berry

Kravet: accent pillow fabric

Delphini, Red Berry (SKU: AM100298.7.0)

Kravet Fabric, Dew Drop Confetti

Kravet: accent pillow fabric

Dew Drop, Confetti (SKU: 28640.712.0)

Langdon Hall - The Bar
Langdon Hall - The Bar


Sarah Richardson for Palliser: Boulevard Round Medium Salon Table | Sarah Richardson Design: Robert Wing Chairs | Regina Andrew: Perenial Lantern | Regal Fabrics: Facet Indigo, Facet Turquoise, Renley Teal and R-Pace Persimmon (upholstery fabrics), Pace Persimmon (accent pillow fabric) | Kravet: Kravet Couture Andrew Martin AM100298-7, Dew Drop Confetti 28640-712, GWF-3303-319 (accent pillow fabrics), Lee Jofa: 919301-LJ (accent pillow fabric), Groundworks Prismatic Green/Reds GWF-3303-319 Kaleidoscope Collection (accent pillow fabric - discontinued pattern) | DiNuovo Granite & Marble: Statuario Octavio (marble top, round tables) | CB2: Trill Side Table | Elle & Eve: tall bottles on windowsills | Client’s own: vintage rug, round table with painted blue legs, tall vases on windowsills, collection of green vases on mantel | Benjamin Moore: Mustard Field 377 (wall paint), New York State of Mind 805 (paint for table legs)