fbpx Langdon Hall: Conservatory

Langdon Hall: Conservatory

Photography by Valerie Wilcox

Posted on Jan 19, 2021

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Watch the reveal of the Breakout Conservatory!

Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory
Langdon Hall - Conservatory (before)
Langdon Hall - Conservatory (after)
Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory

3 Top Takeaway Tips: The Breakout Conservatory

1. Mix one part old with one part modern to achieve the perfect balance. I like to create tension by juxtaposing something that is rich and decorative against something that is plain and soft. It's a fabulous balance that can never go wrong.

2. Recycling saves green - in more ways than one! Reusing and reimagining furniture is good for your pocket book, but it's also good for the planet.

3. Never buy a piece of vintage furniture unless you like the shape of it. If you love the shape of it, you can change the entire look with fabric. But if you don't like the shape, fabric is not going to fix it. That's the number one thing to keep in mind when you're thinking of repurposing vintage upholstery. 


Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory
Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory

Get The Look

Sarah Richardson for Palliser "Pathway Charcoal" Rug

Sarah Richardson for Palliser: rug

Pathway Charcoal Rug

Kravet Lee Jofa Taplow Print Fabric, Spice/Leaf

Kravet: accent pillow fabric

Taplow Print, Spice/Leaf

(SKU: 2019114.139.0)

Mark Alexander Fabric, Cezanne Berry

Mark Alexander: accent pillow fabric

Cezanne Berry M489/03

Regal Fabrics R-Savona Indigo

Regal Fabrics: upholstery fabric

R-Savona Indigo

Regal Fabrics R-Facet Turquoise

Regal Fabrics: upholstery fabric

R-Facet Turquoise

Regal Fabrics R-Renley Teal

Regal Fabrics: upholstery fabric

R-Renley Teal

Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory
Langdon Hall - Breakout Conservatory


Sarah Richardson for Palliser: Pathway Charcoal Rug | Sarah Richardson Design: Kitty Chair, Robert Wing Chair | Regal Fabrics: Renley Teal, Facet Turquoise and R-Savona Indigo (chair upholstery fabric) | Bilbrough: Mark Alexander M489/03 Cezanne Berry (accent pillow fabric) | Kravet: Lee Jofa 2019114 Taplow Print 139, Spice/Leaf (accent pillow fabric) | Elle & Eve: floor lamps | DiNuovo Granite & Marble: Statuario Octavio (marble tops on round tables) | Client’s own: capital table base, white side tables, orange decorative sphere, flower prints, dining chairs, large glass vase, silver tray, glass votive candle holders