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Interior Design Show 2011


When asked to collaborate on a trade show installation for the Interior Design Show in Toronto entitled "Sibling Revelry" with my talented brother, Theo (who is 1/3 of the NYC-based product design team Rich, Brilliant, Willing), I embraced the challenge of playfully Reverse Engineering a trio of rooms by letting the products and colours from Rich, Brilliant, Willing's offering inspire the design of the rooms.

The Red Dining Room
A summerhill subway sign poster hangs on the wall in front of a very funky and fun dining room table.
A open cabinet with tons of wine bottles in it
A red chair with blue leaves is pulled slightly outwards from the table. The seat of the chair is white with red polka dots. A scarf hangs from the wall in the background.
A red handkerchief sites next to a white set of plates, cutlery and a bowl. The white plates and bowl have red patterns on them.
The Blue Den
A large polar bear painting hangs on the wall with a white couch next to it. A large blue carpet lays on the floor.
An old wooden desk with a green typewriter. A blue chair with a blue carpet are also in the room.
A mirror hangs on the wall above a chair
Flowers on Bar cart
The Yellow Bedroom
A big yellow bed headboard, with yellow stools at the foot of the bed
A cabinet with yellow flowers sitting in a white vase
A cozy lamp lights up the corner of the room.
Golden trophies sit on a countertop
A picture frame hangs on the wall above a couch

Photography by Stacey Brandford

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