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Sarah's House 2


An outdated mid-century back split bungalow gets an injection of family friendly style that amps up colour and adds a dash of cool urban chic.

Dining Room
A dining room table with a flower vase in its centre
Two grapefruits presented in bowls on a set glass table.
Seating for the glass dining room table as well as seating for the bar
Family Room
Comfortable couches surrounding a coffee table
A glass vase with two chairs and a table
Couches surrounding a coffee table and wall mounted television
The side view of an armchair and comfortable pillow.
Tween Room
Two tween beds with circular carpets along the floor. A bedside table separates the two beds.
A small workstation with hanging shelves
A light blue dresser and rectangular mirror
a comfortable armchair with a soft white pillow
Books and other decorative objects on a shelf
Living Room
Comfortable couches surrounding a coffee table. A fireplace sits in the corner of the room.
Numerous colourful pictures hang from the wall above a comfortable couch
two footstools an armchair and a couch surround a coffee table. A staircase leads out of the room
A stainless steel oven with a stainless steel ventilation duct is in-between two counters. There are cut pieces of grapefruit on a cutting board.
A fridge with a microwave next to it.
A clean looking kitchen counter space with a dishwasher underneath. A bowl of fruit sits next to the sink.
Main Bathroom
A bathroom counter with sink and shower
A white bathtub with white tiles against the wall. The floor is a beautiful marble.
the entrance to the shower
The entranceway to the bathroom
A red office chair and workstation
A red office cabinet with a lamp and flower vase on top of it.
Guest Bathroom
A standing bathroom sink with a rectangular mirror hanging above it
A toilet next to a bathtub. There is a blue waste bin beside the toilet.
Laundry Room
A washer and dryer with washing supplies on the counter.
a bright laundry room with a washer and dryer. An iron sits on the counter.
A sink with a cabinet hanging above it. Towels are inside the cabinet.
Towels rolled up in a ceramic pot

Photography by Stacey Brandford

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