fbpx 5 Steps to a Functional and Fabulous Bedroom

5 Steps to a Functional and Fabulous Bedroom

Photography by Stacey Brandford

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

bed with white headboard

Scale Your Furnishings

Bedroom furniture should all work together to project a uniform statement. Is your room classic, contemporary, country or bohemian? Try to choose furnishings that are the right size and scale for the room and for your bed. As a rule, your bedside tables should be at least as high as the top of your mattress, and the top of your lampshades should be roughly in line with the top of your headboard.
Pink Bed with headboard

Scheme With Fabric

Choosing a patterned fabric will help you establish the colour palette for your room. To pick a paint colour, simply match paint chips or a fan deck to the array of hues that appear in your key fabric and you’ll be amazed at the options you have. Try to go two shades lighter and two shades “muddier” than the colour you think you want in order to create the perfect tone for a restful environment.
White Room with bed

Perfect Your Pillows

When it comes to fluffy, cozy pillows, my personal preference is to feature a pair of 26- by 26-inch Euro pillows in front of the sleeping pillows, along with a long rectangle (or a pair of smaller 24- by 16-inch cushions) in front. The Euro pillows allow you to prop yourself up while reading in bed, while the smaller ones are placed in front as a decorative accent and an additional hit of colour.
Bed with brown headboard and green patterned pillows

"Check In" To Your Bedroom

Get in the habit of making your bed every day! I’ve always liked to pretend that I am coming back to a hotel room at the end of a long day, so a tailored, neat bed has always been a must. The bed doesn’t have to be fussy to be fabulous: A comfy mattress, crisp cotton sheets, a decorative blanket or a coverlet for cooler nights and a few beautiful pillows will make any bed look luxurious.
Bed with white comforter and green and blu pillows

Refresh With Less

Commit to a good weekend purge. Empty out the contents of every closet and drawer and decide if you really need each item. Recycle stacks of old magazines and pare down everything in your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn a garment in a year or more, donate it to a local women’s shelter. Try to live a “less is more” existence. I guarantee your room will feel fresh and new when you’re done.

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