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Tea Towel Hostess Gifts

Posted on Dec 7, 2015

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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, but it’s not without the inevitable confusion that arises when trying to choose the most decent hostess gift among a sea of ‘not-so-great’ ones. The solution? Simplify the gift selection process by making a quick trip to Homesense or your favourite gourmet grocery store. There, you’ll find oodles of unique and affordable household items ready for gifting.
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>> When selecting your gifts, go for items that are equally as stylish as they are useful. Artisanal foods, luxury soaps, modern candles, chic kitchen linens and utensils, and classic Christmas ornaments are sure-fire hostess pleasers.
>> This year let nothing you gift go to waste. Skip the paper and make your wrap job a gift in itself! You can’t go wrong if you wrap your gifts in tea towels, and my new collection of home textiles includes 100% cotton tea towels ($15/2), napkins ($20/4) and aprons ($20) in playful patterns and poppy colours that are sure to transform your hostess gifts from drab to fab!
A few recycled gift tags and ribbons later, and you’ve got yourself everything you need to show your appreciation in style! Keep reading for 12 gifts and clever tea towel wrapping ideas that’ll make less-than-stellar hostess gifts a thing of the past!
Jade Candy Lattice Tea Towel includes Candle, Matchbox, Gift Tag, Ribbon
Jade Candy Lattice Tea Towel + Candle + Matchbox + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Birch Block Print Peony Tea Towel includes salad tongs, gift tag and twine
Birch Block Print Peony Tea Towel + Salad Tongs + Gift Tag + Twine
Pomegranate Medallion Napkin Set includes gift tag and ribbon
Pomegranate Medallion Napkin Set + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Celestial Modern Chevron Tea Towel includes loose leaf tea and gift tag
Celestial Modern Chevron Tea Towel + Loose Leaf Tea + Gift Tag
Jade Marble Tea Towel includes luxury soap, gift tag and ribbon
Jade Marble Tea Towel + Luxury Soap + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Pomegranate Candy Lattice Tea Towel includes maple syrup, gift tag and ribbon
Pomegranate Candy Lattice Tea Towel + Maple Syrup + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Pomegranate Candy Lattice Apron includes gourmet jam and string
Pomegranate Candy Lattice Apron + Gourmet Jam + String
Birch Marble Tea Towel includes olive oil, gift tag, ribbon and greenery
Birch Marble Tea Towel + Olive Oil + Gift Tag + Ribbon + Greenery
Celestial Medallion Tea Towel includes soap trio, gift tag and ribbon
Celestial Medallion Tea Towel + Soap Trio + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Pomegranate Etched Leaf Tea Towel includes ornament set, gift tag and ribbon
Pomegranate Etched Leaf Tea Towel + Ornament Set + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Celestial Marble Tea Towel includes artisanal chocolate bars, gift tag and ribbon
Celestial Marble Tea Towel + Artisanal Chocolate Bars + Gift Tag + Ribbon
Jade Modern Chevron Tea Towel includes cheese & board, gift tag and twine
Jade Modern Chevron Tea Towel + Cheese & Board + Gift Tag + Twine