fbpx 10 easy (and cheap!) arrangement ideas

10 easy arrangements that won't break the bank!

Posted on Jun 14, 2019

Cherry Blossoms

1. Branch Out

Trees that bloom are a sight to behold, especially the apple blossom variety. If you've grown your own tree or are lucky enough to have one on your property, you may wish to remove a few branches and display these beauties in a clear glass vase. But be warned: if you do, the branches will never grow back, so if you dare to pare back your apple blossom tree, we recommend you pull out this style card on a very special occasion. The floral display will surely wow guests with their majestic beauty. (photography: Stacey Brandford)

Button Pom Flowers

2. bottles up

You know those measly looking stems that you wanna pluck off the branch because their blooms are teeny tiny and not so lush looking? Give them life by placing the individual stems in glass bottles grouped together for impact. These Chrysanthemum button poms are living their best life in gorgeous ocean blue bottles that reflect the light and delight all on their own! (photography: Stacey Brandford)

Craspedia Billy Buttons

3. Pom pom playful

If you gravitate towards floral arrangements that are more fun than fancy, you're gonna wanna pick up Craspedia billy buttons! These playful-looking blooms look great in a round fish bowl to juxtapose their lanky stems. Anybody else getting major solar system vibes? (photography: Stacey Brandford)


4. Go flower snipping

We're not saying you should sneak a snip or two from your neighbour's lilac bush, but it sure would get you a lush and fragrant floral arrangement in a jiffy! ... but maybe ask permission first. (photography: Stacey Brandford)

silver dollar eucalyptus

5. Spread out

Long, rectangular dining tables can be tricky to style if your supply of decorative accessories is limited and your floral budget is not exactly 'abundant'. The solution? Place a variety of short and tall vases from your local discount home store down the center of the table and fill them with bunches of silver dollar eucalyptus. These greens have nice full stems, that when arranged together, can give you major styling cred. (photography: Patrick Biller)


6. A dozen to one  

Don't let one controversial calendar holiday (yeah, we're lookin' at you, Valentine's Day!) cloud your judgment all year long when it comes to roses. We would argue that a single rose smells just as sweet as a dozen, and is much more friendly to your wallet! A single rose is all that's needed to spruce up your side table or nightstand. So skip the dozen and let a single bud shine in all its romantic glory. (photography: Stacey Brandford)



You've made a mad dash to the grocery store to pick up some last minute items, and have to be home in time to make dinner for your guests, tidy up and put out some sort of floral arrangement to help earn you the title of Hostess With The Mostess (that you absolutely deserve by the way!). Sound familiar? This pre-potted plant available at most grocery stores can go anywhere in your home and look gorgeous. Did we mention they require very little maintenance and can last for months? It's true! (photography: Stacey Brandford)

red cedar

8. Favour fallen leaves

Watch where you're walking! Sure, you may bump into someone, but there's also a good chance you'll miss some pretty little leaves and twigs that have fallen to the ground that could easily be stashed in your pocket for later. We're big fans of collectible vintage glass vases, and this trio makes a statement on their own. Insert a single red cedar leaf and you've got yourself a subtle yet artistic nod to vintage style. (photography: Stacey Brandford)


Areca palm leaf

9. Get Leafy

Modern and minimal bathrooms tend to let their materials and finishes walk the style walk, but what happens when you crave some drama? Get leafy with a giant Areca palm leaf! Its striking feather-like composition and tropical flair will bring the wow to your washroom! (photography: Stacey Brandford)


10. Tulips and done!

Can you think of a more versatile flower? We can't! Tulips on their own look great in any space! Simply grab your floral scissors and trim the ends. Don't fret so much about the length - just plop them in a vase and let them flop over for a touch of whimsy. (photography: Lauren Kolyn