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Our Fave... Wallpaper

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

From statement patterns to whimsical and elegant prints, our design team share their picks for stylish and contemporary wallpaper.

A custom watercolour wall coverings

Talk about dreamy! Black Crow Studio is making a splash with these gorgeous custom watercolour wall coverings for your home. With a variety of colours and patterns to select from, you'll be amazed to hear that each selected design is altered based on your personal space, making this wallpaper a custom work of art! - Jenny

'Fishes' wallpaper from de Gournay

This 'Fishes' wallpaper from de Gournay is fun, whimsical and elegant.  It's such a statement piece, whether used on one wall or wrapped around an entire room. - Laura

Parquet by Farrow & Ball

Parquet by Farrow & Ball. Herringbone, faux bois, made with real paint, English... need I say more? - Tommy

 hand painted wallpaper from Porter Teleo

I love this hand painted wallpaper from Porter Teleo... this photo doesn't even do it justice! Its organic shapes and massive scale are super chic, and used in a small space, it would also double as some pretty stunning artwork!  I would even consider framing sections of this wallpaper for an art collection over a sofa, above a sideboard, etc. So beautiful! - Tara

David Hicks Hexagon pattern from the 1960’s

There are hundreds of fabulous wallpaper patterns available in scales from petite to gigantic, but one of my all time faves is still David Hicks Hexagonpattern from the 1960’s. It was a groovy geometric when it was launched half a century ago, and remains relevant today - that’s great design in my opinion! The pale blue and grey pattern is energetic without being overpowering. - Sarah

Porter Teleo's hand made wall covers

I am so in love with Porter Teleo's hand made wall covers, especially Ink Blots.  They use Japanese rice paper for each design, and no two patterns are the same, creating a completely unique and organic look.  This pattern is so dramatic and would be perfect in a powder room or entry way! - Allison

a charcoal paper with snap sockets imbedded

I was lucky enough to spend a few fun filled hours at the D&D Building in NYC recently and I was struck by this unique paper by Petta Thompson.  It's a charcoal paper with snap sockets imbedded.  The fabulous and whimsical 'poofs' house a stud that allows you to place them at will.  I would use this as a feature wall in a kids room or in a niche in a foyer.  Chic and interactive... LOVE! - Natalie

Farrow and Ball's Ocelot wallpaper

I'm a sucker for a classic leopard print.  Farrow and Ball's Ocelot wallpaper is a departure from the usual, as it takes shape with Farrow and Ball's signature hand painted patterns.  I especially love the dark colour way for a moody powder room, or the light neutral for a nursery or walk in closet! - Olivia

 Cole and Son's Woods wallpaper

I love the fantasy and drama that is created with Cole and Son's Woods wallpaper.  After seeing it installed in some of the beautiful homes of our clients, I am completely envious! - Shannon

A rustic Wood Grain wallpaper

I’m really loving faux bois right now. This rustic Wood Grain wallpaper by Cole & Son allows you to bring the great outdoors into your personal space. The natural grain of the wood is subtle yet really gives an organic chic look to any room! You can see this wallpaper in action in Truc & Eric’s episode of Real Potential. - Nicole