fbpx Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette

Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette

Posted on Dec 3, 2014

Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: wreath on the painting wall

Tiffany's Tips:

Think outside the box when decorating your space for Christmas. Your wreath for example, doesn’t necessarily have to go on the front door of your house. Other great places could be over a mantle, in front of a window, on a bedroom door or over a painting, like I’ve done here.
Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: Living room with silver and gold ornaments, adding festive spirit

My bachelorette apartment is decorated in a variety of soft hues. Rather than attempt to overhaul my everyday look for the holidays, I embraced a pastel theme in my décor. Sticking with silver and gold ornaments is a foolproof way to add some festive spirit to any colour scheme.

Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: Details of living room decoration with candles, brass dear and candle in the gold plate

I love 'shopping' in my parents' basement storage room. I remember this vintage brass deer used to be on display by our front door when I was growing up, so I was happy when I found him again! I placed him in a gold serving tray among mini ball ornaments and a matching pair of crystal Tiffany & Co. candlesticks for sparkle.

Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: Tiffany's Christmas Tree
A tiny tinsel tree decorated with soft pink and mint ornaments gives just the right amount of colour to a silvery palette, and the overall look becomes a nod to a 1950s-style Christmas.
Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: details of drinks shelf

My bar cart was a lovely find at a local flea market. I change it up slightly every season. For the holidays I've added this fun golden nutcracker that stands tall among the barware, and some candy canes that double as stir sticks in each of the glasses!

Tiffany's Bedecked Bachelorette: decor silver and gold balls in the bell jar on the pile of the books

A glass bell jar filled with small glittery ornaments is a simple and elegant way to dress up your coffee table. Plus, if you're starved for space, a tabletop bell jar filled with baubles makes a great alternative to larger scale Christmas decorations.

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