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Festive Style

Posted on Dec 9, 2014

Tommy Smyth: Deck your halls

Tommy Smythe:

"Deck your halls" - don't wreck your halls. Less is more…and all natural greenery, no fakes, no exceptions.

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Sarah Richardson:

Simply sparkly. A softly lit, glistening holiday home that shimmers and twinkles in the evening glow captures the essence of the season for me. Seeing light reflected and magnified through ornaments as they hang on the tree is both mesmerizing and magical. While indoor decor is always beautiful, it’s the outdoor displays that usher in the first spirited show of the season, and this tree at our old farm was always my favourite. 

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Sarah Richardson: Outdoor tree decor
Natalie Hodgins: craft paper runners with myrtle topiaries and Kosta Boda snowball votives on the table for sparkle

Natalie Hodgins:

I am drawn to natural materials: craft paper runners with myrtle topiaries and Kosta Boda snowball votives on the table for sparkle.  Berries and boughs on the mantel, and white lights on the tree keep things looking rustic, pretty and understated.

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Lindsay Mens Craig:

A little glitz and a little glam but nothing over the top.  I like my Christmas decor to blend in with my everyday decor so I don't use anything that doesn't match or that seems out of place.

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Lindsay Mens Craig: Christmas decor in the family room
Nicole Herman: Sophisticated, simple and inviting festive decor

Nicole Herman:

Sophisticated, simple and inviting.

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Jennifer Gibeau:

I’m a very nostalgic person, so naturally I believe in celebrating the holiday traditions of generations past and the decorative choices that come with it: bottle brush trees, tinsel, pastel glass ornaments, sisel wreaths, etc. Styling my apartment with vintage decorations (c. 1950's) that are soft-hued and full of subtle imperfections make an otherwise over commercialized holiday – a humbling reflection of the traditions that make Christmas so meaningful.

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Jennifer Gibeau's decoration choice: bottle brush trees, tinsel, pastel glass ornaments, sisel wreaths
Laura Fremont: rustic festive decor elements

Laura Fremont:

My festive style is very cozy and inviting, with a hint of rustic chic. I love layering rustic elements with a little bit of sparkle. I use my everyday vases, bowls and platters for flowers and also fill them with ornaments to add holiday flare throughout my place.  My mum and dad are the parents who put ALL our homemade ornaments on the tree growing up…and for that I love them, but I think I’ve developed a much more edited style to my holiday decorating!

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Tiffany Piotrowski:

My favourite ornaments are vintage from my grandmother, and the holidays just wouldn't be complete without a healthy dose of sparkle. One perk of living on my own is that I can be as feminine as I want with my decor, so I like to incorporate pastel hues and touches of pink into my holiday decorating. Although I don't actually have a pink tree, this picture summarizes my festive spirit perfectly!

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Tiffany Piotrowski:  pastel hues and touches of pink into holiday decorating
Lindsey Levy: Candles, seasonal greens and cozy knits

Lindsey Levy:

Scandinavian Chic.  Candles, seasonal greens and cozy knits.

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Shannon Morrison:

Gold and sparkly! Every year my mom and I decorate our house with hits of gold and white because we love the timeless style of old Hollywood glamour.

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Shannon Morrison: old Hollywood glamour style of decor
Kelsey MacDougall: natural beauty of the outdoors bringing spruce boughs and pinecones indoors

Kelsey MacDougall:

Nordic Rustic! I love using the natural beauty of the outdoors, bringing spruce boughs and pinecones indoors, and adding candlelight for an organic look and feel. 

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Ellereigh Rogerson:

I like a mix of traditional and new decor elements. At my home we have a new theme each year, for example "white Christmas", "rustic Christmas" and "glam Christmas". Regardless of the trend we still keep it looking traditional using classic pieces that have been in the family for years. No upside down trees!

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Ellereigh Rogerson: a mix of traditional and new decor elements
Lindsay Robinson: a mixture of natural greenery, white lights and a few treasured ornaments

Lindsay Robinson:

I love mixing natural greenery, white lights and a few treasured ornaments. Just a few touches here and there to make my home smell and look holiday ready.

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