fbpx Free iPhone Apps for your Summer Getaway

10 Free iPhone Apps for Your Summer Getaway

Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Hitting the road this summer? Don’t leave home without your trusty iPhone loaded with these awesome apps that will enhance your getaway in their own clever ways.
10 Free iPhone Apps for Your Summer Getaway
Roadtrippers App Icon

1. Roadtrippers

This app has a handy little dashboard for browsing notable places near your chosen destination. You can sort hot spots by distance and tap 'add to trip' to create a folder that keeps your places of interest organized and top of mind! Find local diners, quirky roadside attractions, scenic points and national parks, and then share your discoveries with your fellow roadtrippers.

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2. LuckyTrip

If you're craving adventure, then this app is for you. Simply set your budget and tap the 'lucky' button and let the app choose from one of 300 destinations for your next trip. Each suggested trip finds you the cheapest flights from Skyscanner, the best rooms from Booking.com, and unique things to do while you're there!

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3. Hotel Tonight

Spontaneity is the name of the game with this app. Find a curated list of great hotel deals for your last minute getaway tonight, tomorrow or next week! You get access to last minute discounts on unsold rooms and you can search for hotels based on your preferred style of accommodation: basic, hip, or luxe. Book a room in 10 seconds flat with just 3 taps and a swipe! There's even a tab that highlights the best driving-distance getaways for the weekend ahead.

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4. PackPoint Packing

I think we can all agree that packing is one of the worst parts of planning a trip. But this app does most of the work for you! Start by selecting your destination, date and length of travel, and the nature of your trip: business or leisure. Then tap all the activities that apply to your trip i.e. beach, hiking, fancy dinner, photography, etc., and you'll get a comprehensive check list from which you can start packing without the worry of forgetting something.

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5. Waze

Wish you knew about that road closure before you hit the road? Or better yet - what's causing the traffic buildup ahead and what alternative route you should take to avoid it? Consider Waze your new roadside buddy. It's a community-based GPS system that alerts you to current 'as-they-happen' traffic and road conditions to help save you time, gas money and improve your commute! Share road info as you experience it and benefit from the info provided by other drivers. It's pretty clever, we think!

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6. GasBuddy

Road trips can get a little pricy from the tank fill-ups alone. This app features a community of 56 million drivers who share stations with cheap gas prices as they come across them, so you too can quickly and cheaply fill-up. Simply search by city, zip or postal code to find a listing of your best options based on your location. 

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Best Park iPhone App

7. BestParking

Having a car can be super convenient, especially when you want to make a last minute weekend getaway... But finding a place to park it can be a pain! With this app you can find the cheapest and most convenient parking facilities in 105 cities and at 115 airports throughout North America. Search results include comprehensive parking facility details including fees, hours of operation, accepted payment types and more!

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8. AroundMe

No matter where you find yourself this summer, you'll always know what's around you within seconds just by using this app! It's so simple to use and cuts straight to matter at hand. Need to find an ATM? Movie theatre? Pharmacy? Supermarket? Pub? Whatever you're looking for, this app can help you find it - fast!

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Bandsintown iPhone App Icon

9. Bandsintown

Never miss another live show! This app lets you discover concerts happening nearby and allows you to track your favourite artists, receive alerts when they're touring and share the details with your friends. The coolest part? The app scans your iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and Google Play libraries to learn your taste in music and make recommendations for similar sounding artists. Plus you can buy concert tickets in app. Rock on!

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10. Foodspotting

It's one thing when someone tells you "the food is good there", but it's quite another thing for you to see it for yourself! This app is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Beyond recommending restaurants, you can recommend specific dishes to other foodspotters and friends wherever you go. Looking for the best sushi in town? Curious about portion size? What dish a particular restaurant is known for? Download this app. It might just save you from a disappointing culinary experience or lead to an unforgettable one on your next vacation!

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